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Property Value
Universal identifier /terms/redux.html
rdf:type dcmitype:Text
Universal identifier /terms/redux#play
odrl:action odrl:play
rdf:type odrl:Permission
Accessible only by authorised users of BBC Redux
Universal identifier /terms/redux#id
odrl:permission /terms/redux#play
rdfs:comment This policy is applied to resources which are contained within the BBC Redux content archive system, and describes the fact that they are accessible only to authorised users of that system. Applications with media playback capabilities should filter these resources out for people who are not authorised users of BBC Redux, otherwise they will be presented with a login form for which they have no credentials, resulting in a degraded user experience.[en-gb]
rdfs:label Accessible only by authorised users of BBC Redux[en-gb]
rdf:type odrl:Policy
Authorised users of BBC Redux from
Universal identifier
rdf:type odrl:Group
rdfs:label Authorised users of BBC Redux[en-gb]
/terms/redux (Digital asset)
Universal identifier /terms/redux
rdf:type foaf:Document
foaf:primaryTopic /terms/redux#id
dct:hasFormat /terms/redux.html